Why we should not  Leave Out The Messy Parts

Today, I spoke with Sarah Santacroce from the Humane Marketing podcast about a popular phrase in marketing and communication: “Share the message, not the mess.”

In the business space, “Share the message, not the mess.” has become one of the (many) ‘guideline(s)’ for ‘how’ you should show up. This guideline is very exemplary for how we often perceive ‘messiness’.

We often feel like hiding the messy parts because we perceive them as reflecting our’ shortcomings.’ But when we leave out the messy parts, we leave out part of our humanness. And this impacts the way we show up online and how we show up at work.

A great example of this is a post I shared on linkedIn: how we feel the need to address CV gaps strategically versus feeling the safety to openly communicate about the gaps. 

Make Marketing Human Again

It is time that we shift this narrative to a more empowering perspective one that normalizes sharing the messy parts of life because when we leave out the messy parts, we leave out a part of our humanness.

That is why in my conversation with Sarah, we spoke about:

  • Why we struggle with sharing the messy parts;
  • If there is still a taboo around mental health;
  • Why the Hero’s journey is not resonating with us anymore;
  • How to know when it is appropriate to share the messy part of life.

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