How to cope with being overwhelmed during the job search?

Feeling overwhelmed during the job search is very common. The constant focus on the big goal of ‘getting a job’ can feel overwhelming and sometimes even discouraging. In this article, I share three tips on coping with the overwhelm during the job search.

Break down the search into smaller, actionable items

If you feel overwhelmed in your job search, try to break down job search activities into smaller, actionable items that you can tackle at a pace that works best for you. 

Examples of smaller steps could be:

  • Create a list of target companies.
  • Connect with someone of interest on LinkedIn for an informational interview.
  • Edit one section of your LinkedIn Profile.
How to cope with overwhelm during the job search?

Add structure to your job search

Another way to cope with the overwhelm is by adding structure to your job search. You can add structure by creating a schedule for your job search activities. For example, you might want to dedicate an hour each morning to research target companies.

Another way to add structure is by setting working hours around your natural body clock and your highest energy points. This way, you protect yourself from endlessly scrolling job boards. 

Allow yourself a break

Lastly, while there a multiple ways to prevent overwhelm during the job search or to cope with the feelings of overwhelm, sometimes you need to sit with your feelings. 

It is human to feel low, frustrated, or overwhelmed at times, and sometimes all you need is a break. When you feel down, allow yourself time to take a step back from applying for jobs. The duration of this break may vary per person. The most important thing about taking this break is taking as long as you feel you need to get back with a fresh mind.

How to cope with being overwhelmed

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