Going beyond “Just Do It”

For most of my clients their favorite part of career coaching is the phase in which we build their career compass.

During this phase we work on laying a foundation around who the client is, what her values are, where her strengths lie, what lights her up and what she envisions for her career.

It makes sense that everyone enjoys this phase because each session you leave with new, exciting and empowering insights about yourself.

Mostly, these insights are more energizing than the continuous critical self-talk of our inner critic which you are exposed to on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, a nicely formulated career vision statement and a list of your core values are not sufficient to actually land a new job, change careers or get promoted.

You eventually will have to take the necessary and sometimes uncomfortable actions towards reaching the goals you have set for yourself.

Write that letter of resignation
Apply for that job
Ask for the raise at work
Apply for the new study

It is in this phase, however, that the inner critic shows up again more loudly, telling you that you might better gate your action because you don’t have enough knowledge, money, confidence, you name it – to move forward.

Nike’s take on this is: “Just do it!”

And yes, sometimes it is really just a matter of ‘just doing’.

and at the same time, I also think that “Just do it” should be rooted in a knowing and acceptance that feelings of discomfort are normal, given the situation/circumstances.

Acknowledging the fact that taking steps out of your comfort zone often come with feelings of doubt, anxiety and unrest.

How you can do this?

Fill in the blanks for yourself on this inquiry:

– Given the fact that [I am new at this job / I have no experience in this new field/ I don’t know how my manager is going to respond]

– It is normal that I am feeling [anxious / sad/ afraid / etc]

And from there decide upon what “just do it” may look like for you.

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