How to find your own path in life

Behind the podcast: Embodied Business

With Yarrow Magdalena, I spoke about untangling ourselves from the narratives around what success should look like and how we can bring more humanness into how we live, work, and think about our careers.

The Embodied Podcast is supporting people in creating honest, more sustainable, and feminist businesses that redefine success and center community through interviews with like-minded folk, how-to guides, and exploratory shares.

Yarrow Magdalena, the host of the podcast, is a web designer, small business mentor, and tech fairy who helps people start and run small businesses that are fun to work in and make enough money for things that matter.

You can find a link to the episode on this page once it is live.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

About Lian

Hi, I’m Lian Angelino, a certified Career coach passionate about helping women move through their careers and daily lives with more ease and meaning.

I combine my background in Work Psychology, Mental Health Sciences, and Leadership development to help you get clear about what makes you tick and gain clarity around difficult career choices.

If you would like help in searching for your next role, finding clarity around a career challenge, or are looking for a structured way to approach your job search, learn more about my services here

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Suggested reading

In the podcast, I talked with  Yarrow about crafting your own path and how the pandemic has changed the way we work and live.

If you want to explore these topics further,  I can suggest one of these articles.

Making sense of (career) transitions: the rollercoaster of emotions explained

During our talk we spoke about what changes the pandemic has brought about. In this article on transitions I explain the natural flow we all go through when faced with (major) changes.

You don’t have to fit into society’s one-size-fits-all system

When Yarrow asked me about how our work and lives have changed due to the pandemic, I also spoke about how we live in a world that holds so many barriers to just being, making it almost impossible to ‘be human’.  My hope is that the barriers that have come down, will stay down.  In this article, I explore these added layers of performing that cover up their authentic way of being.

Just being yourself: what does that even mean?

Lastly, since we have been talking a lot about crafting your own path, it is important to explain what we mean by ‘your own path’ and ‘being yourself. In this article, I elaborate on what it does and does not mean to ‘show up as yourself’ and provide some first steps to get started.

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