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Isn’t it crazy that in school we learn to become subject matter experts on all kinds of topics, but no one teaches us how to become an expert at knowing ourselves, who we are,  what we value and what our strengths are?

I am on a mission to help women to become experts at knowing themselves, so they can make fulfilling (career) choices that help them thrive in both their personal and professional lives.

Besides coaching, I love to philosophize and write about being human in a world that is all about doing. 


Cultivate the courage to draw outside the lines of the linear career path.

My Career Story

I don’t have an exciting story about how I escaped a toxic workplace to follow my longlived dream or how I replaced corporate life for the nomad entrepeneur lifestyle.

My story is about following my intuition and cultivating the courage to draw outside the lines of the linear career path.

When I finished high school, I still had no answer to the question what I wanted to become ‘When i grow up’. So, I just picked a study that matched one of my many interests at that time: mental health sciences.

At the beginning of my study, I thought I finally found my calling: becoming a therapist. However, after graduating I had figured that mental health sciences was not for me. So, I decided to pursue other interests and continue studying.

After obtaining both my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree,  I was ready for a ‘grown-up’ job. Well, on paper this was true. But mentally I still felt lost and clueless about the next step in my career. It then struck me that the past years I had been busy studying interesting psychological models and theories but never had I studied myself. 



So, I decided to just experiment with different career paths, in the hope to learn more about myself. During that time I learned a lot about what I didn’t want in a job. Until,  after 2 years, the entrepeneurial path crossed my way. Which, as you are reading this right now, is the careerpath I am on right now.

Disclaimer: this is not the way I would suggest you to go about figuring out what you want in your career. If I can pass you one lesson that I take from my 2 years of experimenting, it is that a solid understanding of your own values, strengths and interests, can help you save a lot of time, yet work on your own pace, and frustrations.

And if I can squueze in another lesson it would be to not hesitate to ask for help in this discovery process because we can often be blind for our own talents and what makes us so unique.

That was the ‘short’ version of my career story. If you want to hear the full story or just like to hear more detailed version, don’t hesistate to get in touch with me. I love talking about careers and  I would love to hear more about yours. You can click on the button below to schedule a discovery call  with me to exchange career stories.

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